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Scratch Built 1:20.3 ET&WNC Rolling Stock


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The final car in the eight car set is this 28′ tank car. Jim used a Bachmann tank for this car. The tank is slightly smaller in diameter than the tanks used on this series of ET cars.

One box car and one gondola are equipped as transition cars so that they will couple with truck mounted couplers.

The cars are all equipped with Gary Raymond metal wheels. The major variation between these cars and the prototype is the trucks. To the best of Jim’s and my knowledge no one makes a truck of the wheel base and side frame configuration as used by the ET&WNC.

Now that the cars are running on the CD&StL they will receive some light weathering. The trucks, under body and roofs need some weathering to look like cars in service.

This is a short video of the ET&WNC cars running in a mixed train headed by a Bachmann K-27.

We’re very pleased that Jim Hobbs gave us this great set of scratch built cars. As you can see, Jim’s work is first rate. The drop bottom coal car is especially well detailed and follows the construction plans for this car to include all the body structure detail.

These cars are a great addition to the CD&StL’s rather poorly maintained fleet of rolling stock. At least we have a few good looking cars.B)

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