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spring rehab continues

04/15/14 | by David Maynard [mail] | Categories: Main category

I laid out the new track, and rebent a section of the old track, to finish the track work on the front side of the upper reverse loop. Now comes the job of building up the roadbed to the proper grade.

The job was made a bit more difficult because I have a new "helper".

His name is Biscuit. He is adjusting to his new home. He has more space here, and more one on one attention here, then he had at the shelter. But when my back is turned, he likes to dig holes in the yard. So I have to keep an eye on him while I work. 10 pounds of mischief is what he can be, when he wants to be. :D


Spring rehab begins

04/06/14 | by David Maynard [mail] | Categories: Main category

I started the spring rehab of the railroad. First thing I did was put red painted pop-sickle sticks into the ballast, to mark major track flaws that need to be fixed before the re-ballasting can begin. And then I bent up some track into 5 foot radius and 4 foot radius curves. This was so I could lay out the track-work that leads into the switch at the upper reverse loop. Today, using those curves as a guide, I removed my hand-laid switch, installed an Aristo wide radius switch and started re-bending the existing track. I also used my duo rail-bender to fix an area of track, that was over-gauge, on the back side of the loop. Also, while working with this area of track, I replaced a couple of feet of damaged ties. They were damaged in groups of 2 or 3, sometimes a few more, and they needed to be cut out and new ones installed.

I didn't make as much progress as I had hoped this weekend, because Saturday was too cold to be playing on the ground. So Saturday I went dog shopping in the morning, and cleaned the porch in the afternoon. I am hopeful that I will soon have a new puppy to keep me company.


ECLSTS purchases

03/23/14 | by David Maynard [mail] | Categories: Main category

I am back from the ECLSTS. There wasn't much on my list this year, but I did nab the show car, a Peter DeWitt streetcar and another PCC. I don't need another PCC, but if I ever get to to the kit-bash project I have in mind, I will need one to bash. I also got an Aristocraft scratch and dent steel reefer. Today I was trying to figure out why I bought it, and then it occurred to me that I could part it out for a few of my other projects, and keep the other parts from it in my spares box. Its in decent shape, so I almost hate to do that to it, but it only cost me $30.

I also got some more KaDee couplers and a case of Bachmann metal wheels. I also purchased some USA arch-bar trucks. So now I should have enough of them for when I get to reworking the fleet of hopper cars I have on the shop track. And I bought a Little Big Hauler 0-4-0 with tender for $50. I am not sure why I bought that neither, but I am sure I can do something with it.

The weather is still too cold to rehab the railroad, so maybe tomorrow I will get back into the shop and try and bang out my flat cars.



03/13/14 | by David Maynard [mail] | Categories: Main category

This week I am starting to get ready for the ECLSTS. I am going to go see the train friends I haven't seen for a year, spend too much money and eat well. To that end, I am gathering up all the scrap aluminum and spare change I have, so I can have enough money with me to have a blast.

This ECLSTS is going to seam kind of strange though. LSOL won't be there, and neither will Aristocraft. The LSOL members, or should I say former members, are still getting together for a banquet.

This year I don't have anything on the list, except the show car and some KaDee couplers. I have plenty of stuff to keep my workshop busy and the railroad running for a long time. Of course, if something calls my name, all bets are off. ;)


sad day

03/06/14 | by David Maynard [mail] | Categories: Main category

Today is a sad day here in the Shannon Car Shops. Midget, my dog, companion and little girl has passed away. She was over 17 1/2 years old, and she was my buddy for over 17 years. Those of you who have truly loved a pet will understand.


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