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Train show

07/13/14 | by David Maynard [mail] | Categories: Main category

This weekend was at the train show in Monroeville. Both HO clubs I belong to participated, together, at the show. So that's what I was doing all weekend. Last weekend, I spent the fourth of July napping because of this darn cold. Then Saturday and Sunday I was rebuilding the top of the chimney on our house, and painting our storage barn. So I have no real progress to report on the railroad.

Yesterday, while sitting by my pond, I saw 2 baby goldfish, so the population of fish in my pond has increased by at least 2. I probably wont know for sure how many are in my pond again, since they don't all come out at the same time, and they certainly don't hold still long enough to be counted.

I did win a few online auctions, so now I have an LGB Mogul, without sound, to bash and 3 more Bachmann flat cars. I also have 2 Bachmann Big Hauler's tenders for a locomotive bash I am planning. So I have plenty of things to fuss with, if I ever have free time, and ambition, at the same point and time.


inching along

06/29/14 | by David Maynard [mail] | Categories: Main category

The flat car project is inching along. As promised, here are some photos of the cars.

I was hoping to have them done this weekend, but my mom brought home a really nasty cold from her job. She works in a nursing home. That cold has had me dragging for the past week.

Since I took the pictures, I have painted the hardware that I added to the cars the same red color the cars are. I also have printed out and copied the artwork, so its just a matter of transferring the artwork to the cars and adding the brake wheels to them. Or it would be simple, if I wasn't coming home from work and taking a nap every day. Today I am feeling a bit better, so hopefully I can out-shop the cars soon. I know, I keep saying that, but I keep hoping its true.


Not much new.

06/15/14 | by David Maynard [mail] | Categories: Main category

Not much new to report. I have finally got all the stirrup steps made and installed on my flat cars. Beyond that there isn't anything new going on here.

I need to get my shop set up to take pictures of the cars at they are now, and then start lettering them. Once they are lettered, then I will install the brake wheels and do a bit of weathering to them. Then they can go to work and start earning revenue for the railroad. Once I have some pictures, I will be posting them here.


06/03/14 | by David Maynard [mail] | Categories: Main category

June second is my mom's birthday. She had been trying to make a sign for our back porch, a sort of station sign, but she wasn't being too successful at working out the lettering. So, as birthday present to her, I took a good part of my weekend and painted her sign for her.

In other news, I won an online auction, the first one I ever won, for an LGB Mogul. $176. So when it arrives I will have to see what shape its in. It may become the P&CS number 6.

I also bought a Heartland drover's caboose.

I have a Kalamazoo one, but I just couldn't bring myself to repaint it. The Heartland one is the same size, and very similar to the Kalamazoo one, but its detailed better. So now I have a large drovers caboose I can repaint and detail.

Nothing else has been happening around here, just watching the trains go round, and fiddling with the details on them flat cars. I was hoping to have them done this last weekend, but my mom's birthday present took priority.


operations commence

05/02/14 | by David Maynard [mail] | Categories: Main category

The spring rehab of the railroad is finished. The new track, and the old Aristo switch, are working just fine. Once the railroad was up and running I decided to try out my new Bachmann streetcar.

Overall I am pleased with the streetcar, and with my railroad. No major repairs in sight, so far, for this year. I have few missing boards on my trestle, and some minor landscape work to do, but that's about it so far.

When running the first freight train of the year, I had to bad order the first car of the year. It seams I have a sticking coupler on my A&P reefer. Every year I get a few bad order pieces of equipment. I just fill out the bad order form, and place it on my workbench. Then when its raining, or otherwise not suitable for running trains, I can repair the bad order equipment. By filling out a form, it keeps me from forgetting what is in need of repair. Also, I have a history of repairs, so I can look back to see what kind of problems a piece of equipment has had in the past.


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