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Building Questions

09/25/08 | by Dan [mail] | Categories: Steel Bridges, Steel Buildings

Hello All,

I have some questions that I would like to ask to all of our fellow LSOL members. I would like to know what is your favorite building? How many buildings do you have on you layout? Is there a building that you always wanted but for some reason you haven’t build or cant build it?

We also have some buildings to share with you and would really like to read your post and comments.


Houses Project

09/16/08 | by Dan [mail] | Categories: Main category

Hello All,

A couple Sundays ago we had some time to work on our new project. We laid out a basic culdersac to create our new Neighborhood. Also we sprayed some base colors to our houses

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Eaglewings Housing Project

09/08/08 | by Dan [mail] | Categories: Main category, Steel Buildings

Hello All,

Well we have industrial buildings for people to work at. We have downtown buildings with shops and other bussines where people shop and have fun. But where do all these people live?
Someone has to build houses for all of the people that work and shop downtown, all the workers from all the industries that depend on the operation of the train to receive their supplies and to deliver their products.

That’s how we started our new project: Eaglewings House Models. So far we have 5 Houses and 2 Car Garages
First how about a house typical of Montpelier Ohio; Dan’s home town. (Owner of Eaglewings and creator of all Eaglewings buildings)

These are the plans for the first house it is a two story house, like we mention before typical of Montpelier, Ohio back then when Dan was just a little kid dreaming of railroads. The house when put together will measure 11-3/4″ long by 12″ wide by 14-1/2″ Tall. And it will look something like this

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Two New Prototypes From Eaglewings Iron Craft

08/18/08 | by Dan [mail] | Categories: Main category, Steel Buildings

Hello Everyone,
Eaglewings Iron Craft is working on two new G scale buildings. We have the two prototypes put together with no finish yet. We wanted to share them with you and get your valuable opinion.

The first one is a Freight Station (T – 4, Train Structure 4). The platform is 17” long by 10 – 1/2 “wide. The Building is 10” long by 9” wide by 6 – ½ “tall.

The second building is a Passenger Station (T – 5, Train Structure 5). This one is 24” long by 13 – ½” wide by 15” tall.

One thing that we’re doing differently to our buildings is that now instead of having a glossy powder coated finish; we’ll have them powder coated with a rust resistant primer so that it can be detailed easier and will have the extra rust protection.

We are really looking forward to hearing what you think about them.


How do you personalize your Layout?

07/17/08 | by Dan [mail] | Categories: Main category, Steel Accessories


As we keep trying to come up with new products for garden railroads, we thought…how can we personalize a layout? No matter what scale you have or what kind of trains you run, no matter if you have an overhead or a portable system, outside on the ground or inside on benchwork. Every Layout has its own unique name.

Do you guys have a Sign for your layout with your name?

We do…and we love it:

Here it is…

Wild Eagle Railroad Sign

Here are some examples of what we have created for some of our friends.

Larry Michael’s

L & C Michael Railroad Sign

Dwayne Andersons’ Georgetown station

Jim Lucas’ Penn Yan Railroad

Give us your feedback on these signs, if you have any ideas of what you like let us know, and we can make it happen for you.


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